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STEP 1:  Connect

The process starts with relationship.  We will connect to get to know each other and see if there is potential to explore the relationship further.  You can expect the introductory meeting to be short and professional. 

Click here to contact us for a preliminary discussion.

STEP 2:  Exchange Information

Assuming we identify mutual potential during our initial connection, we will exchange basic confidential information.  EGE will provide more details about who we are and what type of deal we are seeking, and we will ask to see basic information about your company such as financial statements, market information, and company history.

STEP 3: Detailed Discussion

We will then move on to more detailed discussions.  We will review questions and objectives, and we will also make an on-site visit to your company, giving the chance to learn more about each other.  

STEP 4:  Letter of Intent

Once we agree on the potential benefits of a transaction and basic terms of a deal, we will formalize these terms in a Letter of Intent.

STEP 5:  Due Diligence and Deal Finalization

The due diligence phase will allow us to finalize deal terms and learn as much as possible about your organization.  This will lead then lead to a final purchase agreement and the transfer of funds to complete the deal. 

STEP 6:  Leadership Transition and Continued Growth

We will begin a mutually agreed transition plan, providing ample time for the new owners to assume day-to-day leadership responsibilities and ensure the continued growth of the business.

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